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Dave Grant, CFP®


Retirement Matters, Inc.

When you meet with an advisor, how do you envision the process? What if it was like this: The focus isn’t on the numbers, but on you. It takes place in a comfortable setting where you can tell your story and explore what you’d like the future to look like. You’ll be able to plan your next steps. With some guided questions, you’ll start to understand how your money will support your long-term future. There’s no judgment for past – or even future - mistakes. Through our conversations, you’ll get to decide if this is the start of a relationship with your trusted advisor. That’s what it’s like at Retirement Matters.

I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional and have been providing fee-only, fiduciary financial advice to clients since 2007. I have taken advanced classes in retirement income planning to better serve retiring and retired clients. My initial focus with clients is to help them understand what they want to achieve in life, what goals to set, and how important those goals are in comparison to each other. This has proven particularly helpful with our single, female clients but is vital for everyone in the planning process. It’s then my job to bring the best investing and retirement income strategies to aid in building your ideal life and having a customized, financial plan at your fingertips.

I partner with seasoned professionals in estate planning, Social Security, Medicare, insurances and income taxes, so all areas of your financial life are optimized. If I don’t know the answer to your situation, I have knowledgeable people I can turn to. Throughout the year, I’m in frequent contact with clients to ensure their plan stays on track and provide educational content each month.

All of this is offered in a fee-only, fiduciary capacity. A fiduciary upholds a strict standard to act in your best interests, every time. You get to choose how to engage: you can pay for a one-time, comprehensive review of your situation or on a longer time horizon where we work closely together throughout the year. My client roster will always be limited, so current clients get the best service they can imagine.

I live in Cary, work in Barrington, am married to a middle school Math teacher (Highland Middle School, Libertyville) and am a father to two boys. I'm a proud member of the Board of Directors for YMCA Camp Duncan in Fox Lake, IL and have loved serving as a mentor through Kids Hope USA.